In opdracht (Schermutseling)

6songs - The notes you don’t play / ART’uur (2021)

“It’s not the notes you play,
it’s the notes you don’t play”

Miles Davis
@Muze’um L / Fakkeltheater / Brussel / Gent
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6songs#1 - Roland Van Campenhout / Dream on, little girl (2021)

“You find the silver
in the stars of mine
And go with the morning sun”

Dream on, little girl

ART’uur - Imaginary mirror (2019,

The beauty of music.
Nothing less, nothing more.

Summer is here to stay (but I’m leaving)
The poetics of space
We’re all players on the same stage
Hope is the thing with feathers
The way we move
De kleine hoeken van de stad, Ieper
Weg van de snelweg, N7
Summertime emptiness
Move me
Vitrines d’Amour
One two trees & building
Echo’s uit de wijk